Project Management


Customer satisfaction


We support your relocation and expansion of your facility. It will follow major phases, including feasibility study, project planning, implementation, evaluation and support/maintenance. We will assist, for instance, defining your project goals, specifying tasks (how goals will be achieved, what resources are need), associating budgets (cost analysis), contract selection, timelines for completion.

Intellectual Property

Programming IT coordination
Scheduling Architectural analysis
Interior design Behavioral analysis(Layout)
Art work installation Furniture specification
MEP coordination Cost analysis
Security coordination Moving coordination
Code review  


We have a long history and experience to purchase office supplies, OA supplies and office furniture for the clients. We were called a unique company that can maximize the return on investment of client’s furniture and technology purchases with our follow-up. With a long-term accumulation of facility knowledge and the ever-changing office environment, we expand our services to project management.